Our Single Room


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Our room designed for the homestay host provides all the comfort of the traditional vacation.

The floor, in traditional Genoese grit, in the winter months is decorated with Persian carpets that warm the environment. In the summer months, the traditional flooring guarantees freshness and cleanliness.

The wrought iron bed combines the nightstand, it also wrought iron with glass elements.

The air conditioning is through a forced ventilation system, adjustable by the user, independent of the rest of the structure.

The bathroom, independent and complete, has a shower.

The room looks out on the east side of the villa with a nice garden view and is bathed in sunlight before every morning, providing a natural, gentle awakening to its guests.

The decor is complemented by a traditional wooden wardrobe, a desk made ​​of wood, a modern lounge chair kartell and a flat-screen TV.